“To ensure stupidity doesn’t overtake fun”

We’ve been working with Motorcycling Queensland to make these events happen and they’ve advised us on the rules and regulations required. We’re trying to keep the rules to an absolute minimum, but there’s a number of safety precautions we must follow so we can ensure the wellbeing of everyone at this organised nonsense.


1. An approved and correctly fitting helmet, which carries one of the following approval labels:

a) Europe – ECE 22 – 05 ‘P’,’NP’ or ‘J’ [Label affixed inside the helmet]
b) USA – DOT Federal Standard No 218 / SNELL M2005, M2010 [Label affixed inside the helmet]
c) Japan – JIS T 8133: 2007 [Label affixed inside the helmet]
d) Australia – Standards Association of Australia AS1698

2. Boots that must be either:

a) Of recognised Dirt Track type
b) Of recognised Road type which extends above the ankle
c) Of recognised Motocross type which extends above the ankle

3. Gloves of leather or other material of similar or greater durability. MX gloves are suitable.

4. Eye protection, including spectacles, protective goggles and/or helmet visors must be worn provided:

a) Eye protectors and spectacles are made of non-shattering material
b) Eye protectors which cause visual disturbance are not to be used
c) Metal or Perspex face shields are not used
d) MX goggles are suitable

5. Long sleeves and long trousers. We recommend leathers and/or all the armour and pads you can get your hands on. Jeans and long shirt are acceptable. No shorts or arseless chaps.

6. DH11 ONLY: A commercially manufactured back protector, which continuously covers the back area between the collar line and the base of the spine. Back protectors are available for $50+ from selected motorcycle stores or online. Roost protectors are not sufficient.



The requirements for motorcycles to be ridden on a certified competition dirt track or motocross track are listed briefly below, with the full information available here on the Motorcycling Australia website.

    The use of knobby rear tyres is NOT permitted on bikes over 85cc 2-stroke and 150cc 4-stroke at the DH11 event. This rule does not apply for DH10 QMP or Day in the Dirt events.
    Trials, or dual sport tyres are acceptable and recommended. Knobby tyre definition: If you cut one of the ‘knobs’ off the tyre and could fit it in between the gap of two other knobs then it is not permitted. If you cut one of the ‘knobs’ off the tyre and it would not fit in any gap on the tyre then this tyre is permitted.
  • Side and centre stands must be removed UNLESS the bike has an electronic side or centre stand switch. In which case the side or centre stand must be cable (zip) tied into the up position and have any sharp points on the side/centre stand covered. Zip tie requirements are 2x 8mm zip ties for the side stand and 4x 8mm zip ties for the centre stand.
  • All glass, lights and indicators must be taped over
  • Bar ends must be plugged
  • Handlebar levers must have ball ends
  • Front sprockets must have chain guards
  • Sound must not exceed 95db
  • All bikes must have some sort of exhaust silencer (muffler) fitted
  • Throttle must be self closing
  • A kill switch must be attached to the bike (key off or kill switch is fine)
  • Tyre tread must be at least 1mm deep
  • Bikes must have a working brake (minimum rear only)
  • Either a rear mudguard or a seat must be fitted which extends to inline with or past a vertical line drawn through the rear wheel axle
  • No trikes, sidecars or quads are permitted
  • No ‘sissy’ bars or surfboard racks

Don’t Get Banned!


You must wear the appropriate safety gear at all times. This event is covered by a number of photographers and videographers, so if you’re not caught on the day for wrong or missing safety gear then you definitely will be after the event.


If you are found riding with the wrong gear or you have allowed a non-registered rider to ride your bike then you will be banned from current and future Dust Hustle™ events.


All entered riders agree to provide breath samples or undergo drug testing at random during Dust Hustle events. Entrants must be 0.00 when riding, any rider found to be under the influence or who refuses to comply will be banned.


We’re already pushing our luck with how stupid these events are and just one incident with incorrect gear or bike requirements could be enough to shut this event down for everyone. Don’t be the reason.



Before entering Dust Hustle™ you must know what bike you will be riding. If you don’t already have the bike, you must ensure it will be suitable for the class category of ticket that you purchase. You must also have the appropriate saftey gear. If you haven’t already, read the EVENT RULES ABOVE.


If you have any bike related questions and have already READ THE RULES ABOVE, then email us a photo of your bike and question to and we’ll get you sorted.


Given the demand for rider tickets (you just couldn’t form an orderly line could you!) Dust Hustle™ rider tickets will be sold ONLINE ONLY through an online ticketing provider. This means getting a rider ticket is now easier and fairer for everyone.


Refunds for rider tickets are available up until 14 days prior to each event. We can’t guarantee/offer any refunds within 14 days of the event date unless a replacement rider is available to fill your spot from the rider waitlist. All refunded rider tickets will be made available to the next person on the rider waitlist.

  • These events will sell out, so we advise getting in quick. If you miss out, join the rider waitlist asap.
  • One bike per rider. You will not be able to enter multiple bikes in different categories.
  • One rider per bike. Sharing a bike with another rider is not permitted.
  • Class categories are subject to change pending entrant numbers.
  • You must be 16 or over to ride this event.
  • You will need to purchase a $30 Motorcycling Australia day licence if you don’t already have a current Motorcycling Australia yearly licence. The day licence MUST BE PURCHASED ONLINE PRIOR TO THE EVENT (all entrants will be emailed a licence link).

Still got questions?

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